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Tuesday, 01 January 2008 14:26

Now Tango appears to be one of the most complex dance styles of the social dances but also one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and graceful of all.

Tango Elegante is our favorite style for its notorious elegance and elaborate techniques since it is used for performances, shows, competitions and social dancing around the world. You will learn to lead or follow the "Tango de Salon" as well, designed for crowded dance floors in a manner of taking smaller steps than the Elegante style we previously mentioned.

Tango uses around 9 different "Entradas o Salidas (ways of starting the dance) and about 13 "Elementos" (elements), once knowing this material; Entradas get combined with 1, 2 or several Elementos at a different time or at the same time depending on the creativity of the dancers, then… The fun and Passion starts!!

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