Samba de Brazil

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Samba has been danced in Brazil from the late 19th century. There is in fact a set of different samba dances, instead of a single dance. The oldest samba dance is “samba no pé”, which means foot samba. Samba no pé is a solo dance. A modern solo dance is samba “axé” that was invented during Brazilian carnival in 1992. There also exist partner dances like “samba de gafieira” and “samba pagoda”. The ballroom samba is also a partner dance but it has little in common with the original Brazilian samba dance.
The popular samba of today is influenced by the rhythms of jazz and Latin music. It is written in 2/4 or 4/4 time. The music is cheerful and fast paced with a sound associated with Rios Carnival. The basic count is "1 and 2". There are many samba schools which all teach samba rhythms.
Samba is a vibrant and colorful culture that still transforms and is expressed in different ways in various parts of Brazil. Our instructors will get you fully trained in the most popular Samba rhythms used now days.


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