Private Training

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If you have stayed away from dance training schools simply due to lack of personal attention, do so no more. Latin Grooves offers the facility of private training for those members who do not wish to indulge in group lessons. These private training programs are made available to both individuals as well as couples. A personal dance trainer shall guide you through the learning process and provide you with VIP attention so as to accelerate the learning process.
A highly detailed training program is developed for those who wish to train privately. A strong foundation of steps is built upon with fancy patterns. Slowly and steadily you will be able to easily perform intensely powerful dance dynamics that a human body can acquire. In time your training shall be embellished with phrasing, timing and syncopations along with the music; and finally you will be able blend with the hypnotic beats of any music style that you wish.
Needless to say such individual training is guaranteed to bring fantastic results.
So wait no more….. Take your first step towards becoming a great dancer and call us.


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