Natalia Berdova


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Nationality – Russian

After graduating from Athletic Dancing club “AELITA”, Komsomol’sk-na-Amure, in Russia, Natalia Berdova worked as a Dance Coach in several reputed Universities and Dance studios of Russia and China.
From 1995- 1998 she participated yearly in several competitions throughout Russia. Though the prize winning dancer has several credits to her advantage it is her performance in the “Far East Russia Dance Championship” that is closest to her heart.
In 2005 Natalia joined the ever famous dance group “Antares”. They performed several Latin & Ballroom dance shows and so Natalia had the opportunity to perform on tours in national and International arenas through several cities of Russia and China.
In 2007 Natalia became a valued part of Latin Grooves Dance studios in Shanghai. She brings along her expert talents as a Dance coach and performer in various Latin and Ballroom dance styles.



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