International Latin

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Bought into UK by the legendary Monsieur Pierre in the 1930’s, Latin American Dance forms immediately became popular due to their highly energetic steps that combined with the thumping Latin rhythms to create sheer magic.  Pierre hailed from the Basque region of France and apart from being a highly accomplished tutor and dancer was also deeply passionate about Latin American dance forms.
It was this passion of Pierre that inspired him to lay the foundation of the Latin American Faculty in 1946. Pierre’s partners Doris and Nichols joined him in this endeavor and were later joined by Gwenethe Walshe and Dimitri Petrides. They worked in constant harmony to establish an examination system of set syllabus for both amateur and professional dancers which could be used by the upcoming generation.
The main dance forms of this style are Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Samba & Jive. These dances along with the International Standard style dances are the ones that are most popularly seen in all Ballroom competitions around the world.


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