Intermediate Dance Training

Intermediate Dance Program

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Ok so now you can move with the groove, but want to be perfect in your dancing. Enough of the basics, you want to dive into the open sea of dance forms.
If that is the case the intermediate dance program is definitely for you.
Now we are talking serious training!

Once you have developed a solid and basic foundation built by our Beginners Program or if you have been dancing for 12 months or more, it is time to move to the next stage.
In this program the following mile stones are covered:

Fancy foot-work combinations

  • How to lead or follow with precision with minimum efforts
  • How to gain total control over the floor to become a clean dancer
  • How to gain 100% control of your body and your partner’s on the dance floor to become a skillful dancer
  • How to put up an impressive performance for family / friends


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