Dance Training

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Walk-in… Dance Out!

Dancing is an art. Much like other arts in dancing too, a combination of a natural flair and training is require succeeding. We at Latin Grooves are dedicated to making all our students master the techniques of dancing. We aim at training our members on how to dance skillfully and getting them started in the shortest possible duration. The methodology we use consists of utilizing various Syllabuses which combine to produce the best results.
For the International Latin & Standard Ballroom Dances we mainly use ISTD manuals (International Society of teachers of Dance). Please refer to these links from the home page for more details on these dance styles.
The figures in the manuals are basically dance patterns that many dance studios around the world use in order to train their students and teachers. In short these figures may be treated as a dance language which is necessary to learn if one wants to master the art of dancing. Once these figures have been deciphered and comprehended one may use them to communicate and dance in harmony with any partner from anywhere around the globe. .
For teaching social Dances such Tango Argentino, Swing , Salsa & Samba De Brazil , we use a combination of the popular and well known patterns used in their native clubs. These not only ease communication with almost any dance partner but also facilitate in free style dancing.

Do not waste any more of your precious time. Simply call us today and go on to cash those social opportunities by showing off your perfect dancing skills.
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See you all on the dance floor !


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