Angela 赵萌

Angela Zhao 赵萌

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Nationality: Chinese

Angela has more than 12 years of experience as a dance teacher, as well as professional
competitor and performer in International Latin and ballroom dance styles, such as Rumba
Cha-Cha, Samba, Waltz, Quick step, Modern dance, Jazz, and Ballet among many others.
Additionally has had previous training on dramatic make-up and dance costume designing.
Her personality is lively and cheerful which easily gains popularity among students.
Has strong communication bilingual skills and is highly responsible for any professional tasks.
She has a special gift for motivating students to develop their interest in dance, and
has an innate talent to manage well classroom atmospheres.

• Working experience
2011-Now - Pudong Community Center/Shanghai
2009-Now - French & German International School /Shanghai
2007-now - Advanced personal coach training for“Zhaomeng Dance”& "Latingrooves"
2007-'08  -  Black Pool Dream Co., Ltd./Shanghai
2005-'07  -  Various educational institutions in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

• Awards
2009 - Shanghai Sports Dance Championship, Professional team Champion
2007 - Sports Dance Competition of China 'Tao Li Cup' dance competition, 3rd prize
2005 - The Star Championships Open to the World (Asia closed) Amateur Rising Star Latin,
          5th place  (Shenzhen Jing Newspaper front page photo)
          Professional Latin (Asia closed) 9th place, Hong Kong    
          International Dance Open Championships, First Prize

2004 - Guangdong Province Dance Open Championship, Five dances
2003 - Latin American category / Bronze

• Certifications

CHINA BALLROOM DANCING SOCIETY   Gold, silver, bronze medals



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