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Our company pioneers in the internet dance sites; Latin Grooves was conceived by Jorge Geronimo in 1995. Since then the company has worked overtime to train a large number of dancers. Latin Grooves combines the sultry rough flairs of the street with the more sophisticated and accurate steps of Latin and Ballroom dancing to create its unique breed of Latin dancers that excel in both skills and style.
With over 10,000 satisfied students, In USA from various top Southern Californian Universities like Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Tech Pasadena as well as other California surrounding cities
In 2007 the company added an overseas location in Shanghai, China. Over an above the expertise of highly trained staff the Shanghai dance studios also offer for the first time in Asia, right from organizing top of the line dance shows and performers to various dance training programs, Latin Grooves is part of the " Chang Ning district Cultural Art Palace building" a China government supported program. The facilities offer various types of entertainment as well and cultural venues such as restaurants, language schools, art schools, a social dance ballroom, dance training studio and more....!
Some of Jorge Geronimo’s screen and stage appearances are listed below.

In Shanghai / 在中国, 上海:

  • 2016 年 Performance for NEC 2 year anniversary boat party      
                Miss Earth China / Tango Performance and Dance coach
  • 2014 年 Ulysse Nardin 演出
                Performance show at the Hyatt city of Chang Zhou
  • 2009 年“舞林大会”电视剧,演出。
                Wu Lin Da Hui  T.V Show opening 
  • 2009, 11 年“波士堂” 电视剧,卡夫集团中国区总裁的编舞
                Boss Town” TV show choreography / “Kraft” company director.
  • 2008 年“舞林大会”电视剧,与明星“阿朵”的合作演出 
                Performance on Wu Lin Da Hui T.V show with celebrity student “Aduo”
  • 2008年  长宁区文化宫探戈现场表演
                Live Tango performance at Chang Ning District Cultural Palace
  • 2007年  担任欧莱雅、达能和联合利华年会节 目的编舞指导
                Choreography for L’Oreal/Ponds/Danone             
  • 2007年  新美”联合广场现场演出
                Live performance at “Xin Mei” Union Square
  • 2007年 “中国黄页”现场演出
                Live performance for “Yellow Pages China”

In USA / 在美国:

  • 2004 -’08年,受邀参与加州洛杉矶市美国广播公司第7频道新闻节目的录制
               ABC Channel 7 news L.A, Ca 2004, ’05,’06,07&08            
  • 2000年,加州洛杉矶第5, 7, 9, 13, 22, 35、52频道播出的舞蹈汇演 
               O.C Fair performances Channels 5, 7, 9, 13, 22, 35 and 52.  L.A, CA
  • 1998年,获得美国加利福尼亚州编舞奖
               American Choreography awards Performance  L.A,CA
  • 1997,98年,参加Univision电视台第52频道所举办的“洛杉矶全美Salsa舞蹈节”
               First L.A. Salsa Festival Univision Cannel 52 national exposure.
  • 1996年,出演艺术&科学类获奖影片”Mitzi 和 Joe的故事” 
                Mitzi and Joe” film Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. L.A, CA
  • 1995年,洛杉矶加利福尼亚州Budweiser 广告演出
                Budweiser commercial L.A, CA1995
Our location/s in China:
1250 Yu Yuan Rd. cross street An Xi Rd, 3rd Floor
               Shanghai ,China 200050
 Rail Transit Line 2 Jiangsu Station exit  # 4, a 7 minutes walk 
上海市:愚园路 1250号 3楼 / 安西路附近
         上海  邮编: 200050
Phone/电话: +86 135.246.583.73




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